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The Masifunde Changemaker Academy in the heart of Walmer Township is home to most of our programmes: Life skills trainings, visual arts, drama and choir, and academic support. In the morning it serves as a training venue for the extended community and as service provider for the local schools by offering computer and visual art lessons.
Our MyMito Cafeteria offers healthy and affordable meals and cappuccino to the community of Walmer Township. It is open Monday to Friday 8:30 - 17:00. 
The Masifunde Changemaker Academy was planned with the youth of Walmer Township since 2009 and eventually opened in September 2017 in close partnership with our funder Knorr Bremse Global Care.
Our MyMito Cafeteria is a safe meeting space for our children and youth. It serves healthy and affordable fast-food to the community, and fresh cappuccinos. MyMito is run by three out-of-school youth from Walmer Township. The cafeteria is also used for hospitality, cookery and barista training.
MyMito’s mission to serve healthy food gets powered by a community wide health campaign and nutrition workshops in the local schools.
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Masifunde’s Changemaker Academy is home to Walmer Township´s first Montessori pre-school, the Lavel’iLanga Montessori Pre-School. Since July 2018, 27 learners in the age group 3 to 6 years, receive daily Montessori pre-schooling and after-care services facilitated by three qualified Montessori practitioners. The school is run in cooperation with the Montessori PE school and Montessori PE principal Samantha Streak.

Our visual arts studio offers working space for up to 40 artists. In the mornings the studio is used for visual arts classes rendered to all Grade 6 learners of Walmer Primary School. In the afternoons, interested and talented learners can join visual arts classes on beginners, intermediate and advanced levels as part of our Academy of Creativity.

Our modern computer lab offers 36 server-based work-stations to Masifunde programmes, beneficiaries and the community at large.  
Currently, the lab is used for ICT trainings for all Walmer Primary School learners in the mornings, research hours for Masifunde beneficiaries and basic computer courses for the interested community. All courses are facilitated by formerly unemployed youth from Walmer Township who received three months of intensive ICT- and facilitation-training from Masifunde in cooperation with the Nelson Mandela University in 2017.

Two spacious multipurpose rooms are accessible for all groups and programmes at Masifunde for workshops, lessons and rehearsals.

Our theatre hall offers a stage, a modern sound and light system and seating for an audience of up to 150. It is used as training venue for workshops and community gatherings, and for performances of any kind. In the afternoons, it is rehearsal space of our drama groups and choirs.