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Unemployment is arguably the single most significant obstacle to poverty reduction in South Africa. The incidence of unemployment falls most harshly on young South Africans, who are generally low-skilled and have little to no experience of formal employment. It is exceedingly difficult for one of these unemployed young people to exit unemployment, and it is expected that a significant number of today’s unemployed youth will never achieve formal sector employment.

While Masifunde’s core programme, a holistic life-skills training for school-going learners of Walmer Township, prepares its participants already at an early age for a future career through soft skills, academic support, individual aptitude assessments, career guidance and personal development, Masifunde’s Out-of-School-Youth Centre (moosyc!) works with all those young people in the township community who did not find employment after finishing high school or dropping out of the formal schooling system.

The holistic approach of moosyc!, tailor-made to the needs of each individual youth, aims at increasing the employability of the youth in a sustainable manner – instead of looking for a quick-fix solution.

moosyc! seeks to address the issues of

  • High rate of school drop-outs through tutoring and mentoring to re-write National Senior Certificate;

  • Lack of access to tertiary education through individual mentoring through application and funding opportunities;

  • Lack of information through a well-equiped online resource center and individual guidance as well as referral to external service providers;

  • Lack of hard skills through access to internal and external vocational training;

  • Lack of soft skills through life skills- and job-readiness training and mentoring.

Beneficiaries are supported on an individual level. Several service opportunities direct them towards their own individual goal, eg. tertiary education, employment or self-employment.