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kasi-conomy hub

Our goal is to provide a supportive environment with access to resources to transform great ideas into viable businesses.

Integrated in masifunde’s holistic out-of-school youth programme that provides individual support to marginalised people - youth and women in particular - who struggle to find employment, our entrepreneurship programme is specifically designed to holistically empower young (future) business owners to set-up and grow their enterprises in a sustainable, market-oriented und resilient way.

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Project Background

Youth unemployment in South Africa was 63.9% in 2022. The World Bank notes that this is amongst the highest in the world. Seventy-five percent of all unemployed persons in South Africa are youth. These high unemployment levels result in greater poverty, less opportunity, and immeasurable wasted human capital.


Accelerating Business Ideas

To become self-employed or grow their existing business, youth can enter the entrepreneurship programme at any level - depending on where they stand at the given point. Whether it’s just an idea or an already running business: a designated Youth Support Agent helps them to identify their currents needs and opportunities to grow.


The Incubator

The incubator building hosts twelve business units for young entrepreneurs. Each unit is equipped with relevant infrastructure and can be used as a place of manufacture of products, as well as a platform to showcase and sell services to walk-in customers and visitors. The incubator building is located next to masifunde’s out-of-school youth centre, where local youth may seek career guidance. 


The Shop

As you enter the kasi-conomy hub, you'll find a shop where local entrepreneurs sell their goods This shop is open to all local producers, not just the ones working in the hub. We encourage you to come and have a look for gifts, jewelry, clothes, and more - all hand-made locally.


Izandla Zethu & Skaftin 2.0

In the heart of our bustling kasi-conomy hub, you can find Skaftin 2.0, where you can indulge in a cup of delicious coffee. And while you're here, don't forget to check out the Izandla Zethu workshop, conveniently located on the premises


Find out more about our entrepreneurs-in-residence, the services they offer and how you can contact them. 

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