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More than 200 children and youth between Grade 3 up to Matric, take part in an educational and interactive life skills training programme named Learn4Life!. Weekly lessons, workshops, study trips and an annual summer camp make sure that learning is practical, relevant and life-changing while remaining interactive and fun.

In our carefully designed curriculum the learners work on one topic (e.g. health & hygiene, environment, business orientation, personality training, social environment & culture) for one full term. Each term highlights in project work through which the participants share their most significant learnings with parts of the community.


Through project work the participants get activated systematically on a peer-to-peer basis, such as running workshops in their schools, doing educational drama performances, putting up awareness posters, handing out awareness flyers and brochures, doing presentations or taking part in clean-ups. The methods used in Learn4Life!-lessons ensure that the learners own the programme and its content, e.g. by involving learners in goal setting, evaluation and design of the project work. Furthermore, the lessons are run by facilitators who facilitate a learning process which includes the learners in the creation of the content (e.g. through online or field research or excursions) rather than having a teacher who is the only source of knowledge.