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NPC Reg. No.:  2009 / 004539 / 08

NPO Reg. No.: 114-293

PBO Reg. No.: 93 00 41 852 (Sect. 18A)

VAT Reference No.: 4580 2664 03

B-BBEE SED Rec. No.: 100% (BBB = 82%)

Since August 2018, Masifunde runs Lavel'ilanga (engl: "here comes the sun") ,Walmer Township's first Montessori Pre-School. Three trained local Montessori educators  guide 30 children aged three to six through their personal learning journey within a prepared learning environment. This "prepared environment" is designed to facilitate maximum independent learning and exploration by the child. In the calm, ordered space, children work on activities of their own choice at their own pace. They experience a blend of freedom and self-discipline in a place especially designed to meet their developmental needs.

As from 2019, Lavel’ilanga shall function as training venue for interested educators and practitioners from local ECDCs.
We consider the self-correcting nature and the maximum levels of independent learning to be most suitable for other ECDCs in the township setting.
In ECDCs where the learner:educator ratio is very high, the educator might not be able to interact on individual level with each learner.
The Montessori concept could therefore be a passive way to increase levels of education and levels of positive stimulation of learners in pre-school age. We therefore aim at using the Lavel’ilanga Montessori Pre-School as model to inspire other ECDCs in Walmer Township to introduce basic ideas of the Montessori concepts in their daily work.