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masifunde's work is driven by the vision of a united society in which everyone is empowered through high-quality education to participate pro-actively and confidently in societal issues and thereby initiating positive change in their own lives and the lives of others. 


Our services include high-quality programmes for learners from three to 35 years of age. What makes our work unique is that our approach always centers around the individual - for all age groups. The interventions are always holistic, trying to take into account all aspects of the children and youth in our programmes: home and social environment, different forms of education, personal growth and individual talents and interests.

We also believe firmly in peer-education: That's why most of our activities work towards outreach events which activate our learners to share their findings within their social environment. This ensures that our programmes have a community-wide footprint and contribute systematically to the creation of an active civil society within Walmer Township and beyond.

Over the past years, we have developed and successfully tested our community development models. Today, we proudly see components of our work being used as best practice and showcase examples. Our work in Walmer Township is open source and we gladly share it with and show it to interested stakeholders from various fields. Like-minded NGOs are most welcome to contact us to become implementation and replication partner of programme components. 

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