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NPC Reg. No.:  2009 / 004539 / 08

NPO Reg. No.: 114-293

PBO Reg. No.: 93 00 41 852 (Sect. 18A)

VAT Reference No.: 4580 2664 03

B-BBEE SED Rec. No.: 100% (BBB = 82%)

Without parental support in a conducive home environment Masifunde’s educational efforts and support structures for learners – regardless their academic potential – fail easily by ending in school-dropouts or distractive behaviour.


The social assistance department aims at strengthening and empowering the parents and home situation, educating them about their role in their children’s education to create functioning, conducive and supportive home environments for successful learners.


The department streamlines all support programmes under one roof: Parents Breakfast Club, Case-Management and Family Support and Learner Support Groups.