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NPC Reg. No.:  2009 / 004539 / 08

NPO Reg. No.: 114-293

PBO Reg. No.: 93 00 41 852 (Sect. 18A)

VAT Reference No.: 4580 2664 03

B-BBEE SED Rec. No.: 100% (BBB = 82%)

With its academic support activities Masifunde tries to remedy challenges some learners face within South Africa’s education system, which result from lack of resources in schools and homes, lack of individual and adequate attention as well as from lack of parental support.


Our activities therefore focus on high-quality academic support both individually as well as for groups, provision of the basic needs and well-being of each individual as well as provision of excellent resources both through study space and study material.

The academic support, in combination with our life skills programme and our extra-curricular activities, enables learners to make full use of their potential, achieve academically and ultimately break the cycle of poverty.