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DELICATE is an elegant, simple bracelet made out of corrugated iron and winner of the Design Indaba Award for the Most Beautiful Object in South Africa 2020 - handmade from recycled material.


Material: corrugated iron 

Width: ca. 12 mm  


Available in Small, Medium, Large and Extra-Large, slightly adjustable on wrist 


“Other than the fact that it is handmade from recycled material, I like the fact that it is made from corrugated iron sheet–a piece of material that we, as South Africans, are familiar with and many of us hold dear,” explains Blessing Ngobeni who nominated 'Delicate' for the award. “The material of the bracelet got me thinking about the meaning of beauty, and even adds to my view about beauty–that it has to be honest and truthful. ”


This item was made as part of the 'Izandla Zethu' (Our Hands) project, which trains local unemployed youth in jewellery making and entrepreneurship. 


Please contact us for international deliveries. 

'Delicate'- Bracelet: Most Beautiful Object in SA 2020

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